Monday, March 21, 2011

#Happy Birthday

Has it been 5 years already since the first Tweet was sent? I remember first seeing the site back in 2007 at a tech conference and not really seeing the point. Today I can't imagine life without it.

The micro-blogging site has certainly grown fast and now reports more than 140 million Tweets a day which adds up to a billion Tweets every 8 days. While it gets lots of press for the trivial (Charlie Sheen becomes the quickest to 1 million followers!!!!) and the funny that is not really the point of the platform as Wired magazine pointed out back in 2009:

"Twitter’s real impact is almost impossible to gauge other than anecdotally as it quickly permeates the mainstream, and people come up with inventive ways to use it as something more than a status update soapbox, suggestion box and complaint center."

Twitter has changed the way we share and consume information with it's open approach to empowering the individual. In it's relatively short life span the service has proven it's value in providing unfiltered, real time exchange of news, thoughts and ideas.

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