Saturday, January 8, 2011

My new Newser obsession

"READ LESS. KNOW MORE." That's the tantalizing tagline of the news website Newser. I have to say I'm hooked. Although as a past English lit major and current freelance writer, maybe I should be horrified.

Newser offers a colorful grid of images. Each image is the same size so there's no prioritizing through font and size like in typical newspapers, print or online. Each square has a short headline that tells it like it is. When you click on the story, up pops an easy-to-digest summary of what's going on with links to the sources.

You can customize what you see, and even use the "Hard" to "Soft" news slider to get the experience you want. (On a side note, it'd be interesting to see how people use this slider - do we really want more hard news or are we hopeless gossip addicts?)

Maybe the reason I'm not horrified by Newser is that although it admits to using technical tools to get its news stories, the content is handpicked and written by real people. I enjoy seeing a mix between technology and human beings. After all, they're both flawed.

Check it out for yourself.

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