Friday, November 26, 2010

Too unhip for the Facebook and Myspace "Mashup"?

I got an email about the happy new union between Facebook and Myspace (see below). As a copywriter, I've definitely cranked out this type of marketing copy in the past, but something about it sounded like it was trying a little too hard to define a hip new brand personality. Then again, maybe I'm just not the demo they're talking too. Great, now I feel old. And unhip. Thanks, Myspace.

It's true, the new Myspace and Facebook are friends. And now, the new Myspace comes with Facebook Mashup!

Along with our sweet new logo and layout, Mashup turns your Likes into real content on Myspace, creating a personalized entertainment stream full of videos, music, and more just for you.

Mashup with your current Myspace account or start fresh with a new one. We think you’ll dig it.

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