Friday, August 15, 2008

Site of the week - Very cool search engine

I stumbled upon an amazingly simple but useful search engine earlier today called SearchMe. Like all the others you simply type a search term into a simple text field and hit "search" but what makes this site unique is the way the results are presented. The web pages in the results are actually displayed for you to browse in a very slick horizontal "preview" scroll. Basically, they are doing a screen shot of each results page and then serving it to the user as a FLASH tool. This is huge for someone like me who is constantly frustrated when searching on Google by the endless list of results I have to click through to get to one that fits my need.

The site even highlights the term you typed within the site screen shot so you can see why it was chosen. Also, they have the concept of "stacks" which is a way to categorize and save your favorite sites.

While the site has it's issues (compared to Google the search results were not so great) I have to say I am impressed. Maybe I am just a visual person but I find it so much more intuitive and easy to use than the bigger engines. I am sure Google is not shaking in their boots but they should definitely take notice.

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